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Abstract Presenters


The ISMR is honored to have the following Poster Presenters at the upcoming Groningen meeting.  Additional presenters may be added, please return to this page for updates.



Oral and Poster Presentations


Oral Presenter Presentation
Richelle Chuka
Patient’s Perceived Change Following Implant Retained Oral Rehabilitation
Sabine Harck The Value Of A Support Group In Cranio-Facial Cancer
Radivoje Rasosavljevic Therapeutic Modalities Of Radiation Mucositis In Patients With Oral Cancer 
Lianne Remijn
Ultrasound Imaging For Analyzing Lateral Tongue Movements During Mastication
Jan-Willem Wetzels Functional Benefits Of Implants Placed During Ablative Surgery
Poster Presenter

Andreas Artopoulos Validation of 3 Digital Stereophotogrammetry Divices for 3D Facial Imaging
Doke Buurman Prosthetic Rehabilitation Of The Irradiated Hnc Patient: A Literature Review
Richelle Chuka
Implant Utilization And Loading In Surgical Designed And Simulated Reconstruction
Yan Dong A New Method To Improve Implant Osseointegration In Irradiated Bone

Marloes Engelen

Translation And Cross-Cultural Adaptation Of The Lorq Into Dutch

Willem Feenis CBCT Based Obturator Prosthesis In Patient With Limited Mouth Opening
Sue Gosen
Scapular Flap Maxillary Reconstruction With Osseointegrated Implants
Bassam Hassan  Virtual Prosthodontics Patient: A Novel Approach for Maxillofacial Rehabiliation  
Ho Beom Kwon 
Finite Element Analysis Of The Implant-Supported Prostheses After Mandibular Reconstruction
Rodica Mindruta-Stratan Health Care in Head and Neck Oncology and Maxillofacial Prosthetic in the PMSI Institute of Oncology Republic of Moldova 
Matshediso Mothopi-Peri  A Continuum of Prosthodontics Rehabilitation in a Patient with Hemi-Maxillectomy 

Dan O'Connell

Maxillofacial Reconstruction An Evidence Based Approach
Maaike Stalpers
Speech Aid Prosthesis
Meriting Thokoane 

Extra-Oral Implants Rescue a Failed Nasal Prosthesis

Pascal van de Pol Mouth Cap For Extreme Tongue Protrusion Following Oncologic Treatment


Additional speakers will be added to list.  Please continue to review this page for updates

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