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The Behavioral Group has special interest in developing a better understanding of how patients, their families and care givers arrive at decisions regarding selection of treatment or decisions regarding end of life.

How the Group will Function

At each biennial conference and possibly in interim years, the Behavioral Group will arrange for the group to meet to pursue this interest. The group will also develop means of communicating with group members during each year.

Interest in Group?

If you wish to join this group, contact the Group Leaders below.

Group Leaders:
Chiquit van Linden van den Heuvell (

Group Participants:
Srinivasan B
Max Baer
Doke Buurman
Filippo Cazzulani
Paula Ceruti
Kanchan Dholam
Dale Howes
Banu Karayazgan-Saracoglu
Vojkan Lazic
Denise MacCarthy
Martin Osswald
Harry Reinstema
David Reisberg
Rosie Seelaus
Khim Teoh
Alvin Wee
Mary Wells
Johan Wolfaardt

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