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Social Media and the ISMR

Committee overview

ISMR Members,

The ISMR has appointed a new committee charged with the task of developing a communications strategy in line with the recent restructuring of our Society. The communications committee is chaired by Martin Osswald (Canada). Members of this committee include Claudio Brenner (Chile), Joe Huryn (USA), Harry Reintsema (Netherlands) and Kirsten Friedli - Account Executive of the ISMR (USA).

This group of individuals, both in terms of their expertise and global distribution, reflects the vision of the ISMR to engage a truly international society from a diverse broad-based arena of individuals, groups and organizations passionate about promoting patient care in Maxillofacial reconstruction.

Core to the ISMR’s communications strategy is the development of dynamic interactive platforms encouraging real-time communication and continuous contact with each other and the Society. We plan to create networks whereby our members can interact and be kept current with all developments of the ISMR, its Board and organizations our members are aligned with and affiliated to. This will be achieved by employing the most current trends in communication allowing the ISMR to have a far reaching influence. Contact with International colleagues and future members not possible in the past due Geographic location or financial constraints, will be encouraged and fostered utilizing technologies, interactive media and communications tools which have become commonplace in today’s times.

As a future vision our plan of engaging our growing membership will not be limited to this membership and will be extended to our patients and an international audience at large in fulfillment of the ISMR’s Mission Statement.

Martin Osswald
ISMR Communications Chair

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