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A variety of concurrent workshops will be offered on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.  Please return to this page often for updates and register early to ensure your participation.  Attendance will be limited due to available space.  Workshop notifications will be sent to registered conference delegates, when workshop titles have been posted.





Full day workshop


Workshop 1- Facial Prosthetics & Colour: Navigating the Spectrum of Possibilities

With generous support from our Gold Sponsor...

Additional support from Charlie Carroll, Spectromatch              

Date: Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Time: 09:00-15:30

Location: Baltic / Aegean 

Fee: $150/person (includes lunch)




Ms. Rosemary Seelaus MAMS, CCA
United States

Prof. Vojkan Lazic
Prof. Mark Waters

Dr. Sudarat
United States

Dr. Alan Bocca


Description:  The Special Interest Group for Facial Prosthetic Rehabilitation (SIG-FPR) is hosting the first ever ISMR on-site workshop in Facial Prosthetic Rehabilitation. SIG-FPR Co-Chair, Rosemary "Rosie" Seelaus will host a workshop specific to techniques in facial prosthetic fabrication for ISMR members and workshop attendees of the Belgrade ISMR conference. Colour science and application, silicone technology and retention techniques are among the topics that will be addressed during this combination session of lectures and hands-on demonstrations of the latest in fabrication techniques in facial prosthetic rehabilitation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to polish your fabrication techniques so that you may better serve your patients in their rehabilitation.

For a detailed schedule please click HERE

Additional funding provided by Technovent.


Half day workshops


Workshop 2- Implant Supported Craniofacial Rehabilitation

With generous support from our Gold Sponsor...

Date: Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Times: 13:00-15:30

Location: Mediterranean Room

Fee: $75/person


Prof. Dale Howes 
South Africa        
Prof. Martin Osswald
Prof. Hadi Seikaly 
Dr. Greg Boyes-Varley
South Africa

Description: The anatomic constraints of the craniofacial skeleton are a challenge for finding adequate bone for sustained osseointegration particularly in the ablated maxilla, the resected mandible and the rehabilitated facial bones using the grafted fibula.

Regular implant fixtures seldom satisfy both the surgeon and the Prosthodontist for sustained osseous and prosthetic retention of the rehabilitation.

A range of specific fixtures have been developed and researched with world leaders in maxillofacial rehabilitation to overcome the challenges of boney and prosthetic rehabilitation.

The research, development, surgical planning and applications of the Oncology implant, the Co-Axis, the MAX and extraoral implants as well as the FIRST® fibula reconstruction kit developed for maxillofacial rehabilitation will be highlighted and demonstrated on prototyped models of the facial skeleton.

A comprehensive workshop presented by world leaders in implant supported maxillofacial rehabilitation not to be missed!



Workshop 3- 3D reconstruction Workshop- 3D Lab UMCG 

Date: Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Time: 15:45-18:15

Location: Adriatic Room

Fee: $75/person


Dr. Max Witjes
The Netherlands    
Dr. Joep Kraiema
The Netherlands


Reconstructive planning in the head & neck area has evolved from basic anatomical reconstruction of a defect towards obtaining an optimal functional reconstruction.

Now is an exciting era of new possibilities for optimizing outcome of combined reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation.  This virtual planning workshop will focus on new techniques that aim for maximizing functional reconstruction of the jaws, including 3D virtual planning. Participants will learn how to plan and treat patients from (CT) imaging to a final surgical planning.

Concepts of data acquisition, processing and segmentation to a 3D model are introduced. The participants will learn how to use a virtual planning environment for pre-operative surgical decision making. In the workshop both a mandibular and a maxillary case example will be practiced, including dental implant planning.

Participants will learn:

·       Image fusion (dentition models with CT data)

·       Data segmentation to 3D virtual models

·       Virtual preparation: osteotomies, translations

·       Positioning of the fibula graft and dental implants

·       Assessment of resection margins

Additional Information for Attendees

All attendees are required to bring their own computer. On this laptop they will receive a trial license of the Materialse ProPlan CMF software. The trial license will be valid for 2 weeks after installation.

It is important that the computer for this workshop is pre-installed with the software before the workshop. To arrange this, please make sure to contact the workshop organisation at the morning of the workshop to receive the software including the license.

No specific requirements are made for the computer hardware, every recent (0-3 years old) computer should be able to run the software.  For more information about hardware specifications please contact the workshop organisation.

Please check in at the ISMR conference registration desk (located in the Pacific/Atlantic Foyer) for installation location at conference site  (or contact workshop instructor: Joep Kraeima 






Please check back as updates may occur.

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