the ISMR

Mission, Vision, Values


The ISMR is the preeminent interdisciplinary international organization in maxillofacial rehabilitation. The ISMR strives for:

  • Enhanced public and professional awareness of interdisciplinary maxillofacial rehabilitation
  • Active, growing membership with balanced representation from multiple professional disciplines
  • Sustainable educational, outreach and research programs that are recognized as the best in the field
  • Well established regional groups


ISMR advances interdisciplinary maxillofacial rehabilitation throughout the world.

“Education, Patient Care, Outreach and Research”


The ISMR uses the following values and principles to guide its operations:

  • Focus on delivering value and service to patients and members
  • Commitment to outward looking, interdisciplinary, future oriented and innovative patient care, research, education and outreach
  • Respect for cultural, gender and professional diversity
  • Commitment to quality governance that is open, transparent and interdisciplinary

Please get actively involved in the ISMR and work to bring colleagues from your discipline and from other disciplines to join the ISMR.